Party Wear Sarees

Rozdeal Pink And Cream Georgette Saree..

Rs.3,299 Rs.1,999

Roze Pink And Equa Bluw Chiffon Pedding Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,499

Rozdeal Cream And Pink Color Import Silk Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,499

Rozdeal Pink And Yellow Color Shaded Paper Silk Saree..

Rs.4,999 Rs.1,849

Rozdeal Designer Pink color Jacquard silk Fabric Heavy Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,399

Rozdeal Baby Pink Colored Georgette Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,399

Rozdeal Yellow Color Saree With Embroidered Blouse .. 50%off
Rozdeal Women's Orang And Pink Designer Saree..

Rs.3,999 Rs.2,799

Rozdeal Pink And Sky Tow Tone Silk Georgette Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,999

Rozdeal Women's Pink Georgette Saree.. 56%off
Rozdeal Gray Color Chanderi Silk Saree..

Rs.2,499 Rs.1,099

Rozdeal Women's Georgette Silk Pink Colored Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,499

Rozdeal Women's Moss Chiffon Padding Pink Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,499

Rozdeal New Pink & Purple Pedding Georget Designer Saree..

Rs.4,999 Rs.1,449

Rozdeal Gorgeous Pink  And White Color fancy Thread Work Saree..

Rs.4,999 Rs.1,275

Rozdeal New White and Pink Color Designer saree..

Rs.2,099 Rs.1,399

Rozdeal New Pink and Cream Color Lyacra DueDrope Gerogette Saree..

Rs.2,999 Rs.1,549

Rozdeal New White And Pink Fancy Work Saree..

Rs.1,999 Rs.1,399

Rozdeal Navy Blue And Pink Georgette Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,599

Rozdeal New Pink & Gold Georgette Designer Party Wear Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,149

Rozdeal New Cream & Pink Nylon Net Designer Saree..

Rs.2,599 Rs.1,099

Rozdeal Fabulous Pink & Orange Gerogette Pedding Party Wear Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,249

Rozdeal fancy Black & Pink Gerogette Party WearSaree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,199

Rozdeal New Letest Pink Gerogette Saree..

Rs.1,899 Rs.1,299

Rozdeal New Orange & Pink Gerogette Party Wear Saree..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,299

Rozdeal Red And Pink Shaded Georgette  Party Wear Saree ..

Rs.2,899 Rs.1,299

Rozdeal Stylish Brown Color Net Party Wear Saree..

Rs.3,299 Rs.1,749

Rozdeal Newest Diffrent Colour Georgette Party Wear Saree ..

Rs.3,599 Rs.1,399


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Sarees are a standout amongst the most entrancing apparel things of all times. Sarees is a remarkable manifestation of dress from India which is extremely one of a kind and comes in mixed bag of color, material, plans and styles. Wearing one reflects our society affected by Aryans, Dravidians, Moghuls and Bruisers. Separated from weavings and plans, sarees are accessible in different prints. Notwithstanding distinctive saree sorts, there are additionally different styles, for example, customary style, Gujarati or north Indian style, twofold wrap, Maharashtrian style, Kodagu style and such. 
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